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A painful, infected tooth may make it hard to eat, sleep, and function. A root canal may be able to save your tooth and provide relief. The dental team at Buchanan Dental Arts can make you feel at ease. If you need to schedule a root canal in Buchanan, New York, contact a team member today by phone or simply request an appointment online.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A crack or opening in your tooth allows bacteria to infiltrate, your tooth may become infected. A root canal procedure cleans out that infection and closes the tooth off to further bacteria buildup.

"Root canal" is the term for the cavity, or pulp chamber, inside your tooth that’s filled with nerves and pulp. Once an adult tooth is fully developed, you don’t need those nerves anymore. Your teeth won’t lose function after your provider at Buchanan Dental Arts removes the pulp.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

First, your provider takes X-rays and examines your tooth to ensure the infection hasn’t spread. It also gives them an idea about how your pulp chamber is shaped. Next, they administer local anesthesia to numb your mouth around the infected tooth and places a protective sheet around your tooth to keep it dry.

Your provider also offers laughing gas and a painless computerized injection system at their office to reduce as much apprehension as possible. In-office stereo headsets help distract you and help ease any nervous energy.

After the anesthesia kicks in, they drill a hole into the root canal and insert tiny instruments to remove all the pulp. Your provider then sanitizes and seals the root canal and access hole with a filling-like material. Depending on the extent of your root canal, they may recommend a crown over the top of the tooth.

How will a root canal help me?

The infection that led to the necessity of a root canal may cause a great deal of pain. A root canal eases that pain and prevents the contamination from turning into an abscess or worse. A severely infected tooth may require extraction, and a root canal allows you to preserve your tooth.

It’s best to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. A root canal is a dentist’s treatment of choice for an infected tooth. It helps you maintain healthy eating and chewing function.

Alternatives to root canals, like implants and bridges, cost considerably more and require much more extensive dental work.

If you need to schedule a root canal, call or use the online booking option to see a team member at Buchanan Dental Arts.