Don’t Ignore the Pain – A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Did you know dental enamel is the hardest substance in your body? But the layers below the enamel are soft, and when decay or damage develops there, the integrity of your tooth can be compromised from the inside out.  

While restorative dentistry can replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial ones, nothing feels or works quite like your natural teeth. Fortunately, a simple and common procedure provides a solution. Root canals remove infection and stop decay, allowing you to keep your natural tooth. 

At Buchanan Dental Arts in Buchanan, New York, our dental experts are highly skilled at performing root canals to save teeth. Whether you need a root canal or you’re suffering from tooth pain, you can trust the team at Buchanan Dental Arts to give you the best care possible. 

We’ve curated this helpful guide on root canals to help you further understand how this simple procedure can save your tooth.

Why do I need a root canal?

The most common reason you might need a root canal is to treat an infection of your tooth’s interior pulp. Signs of infection include:

Infections can be painful. What’s more? They can cause the tissue on the inside of your tooth to die. Injury to your tooth or a blow to the face can also cause dental tissue to die. 

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it’s time to call Buchanan Dental Arts for evaluation as they’re signs you might need a root canal.

How does a root canal save my natural tooth?

Root canals remove infected or damaged tissue, making them a good option for saving your natural tooth. The team at Buchanan Dental Arts takes X-rays to check the extent of the infection or damage and find the best course of treatment for your unique situation.  

During a root canal procedure, we use a local anesthetic to help you stay comfortable. After the anesthetic takes effect, most patients don’t feel any pain, and from the beginning to end the entire process only takes about an hour. 

Once you’re numb, your dentist makes a small incision behind the tooth to access the canal. The damaged and infected material is removed and your tooth is cleaned. The canal is then sealed to prevent bacteria from entering. Depending on the extent of your root canal, you may get a crown for additional protection.

Since root canals treat painful tooth infections, most patients experience substantial pain relief after the root canal. It’s common for the treated tooth to be sensitive for a few days, but the side effects usually fade after a few days.

Ready to learn more about root canals? 

For most people, root canal treatment preserves your natural tooth. To find out if a root canal can save your tooth, contact the experts at Buchanan Dental Arts today.

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